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Shamanic Space Clearing

Shamanic Space Clearing is a sacred and powerful practice used to clear, heal, and shift the energy of a space. Dr. Pigott is a skilled Shaman trained in space clearing techniques to bring light, peace, and positivity to a space.

Dr. Theresa Pigott

Available by appointment 

About Space Clearing

Ever get that funny feeling? That feeling of "something isn't quite right..." when you enter a space, home, or office? Shamanic Space Clearing helps restore peace, balance, and harmony to an energetic space.

Image by Mathilde Langevin
Reasons to Clear a Space

-Feelings of out of the ordinary

-Something doesn't 'feel right'

-Something feels 'off'

-Trouble sleeping in the house or space

-Things aren't working in space or going missing

-Relationships aren't working in the space

-The space feels 'heavy'

-You have a gut feeling

Image by michal dziekonski
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