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End of Life Services

End of Life Services offers emotional, mental, and spiritual support to individuals with a terminal illness and their families during their final journey of spirit flight.

Dr. Theresa Pigott

Available by appointment

About End of Life Services

Dr. Theresa Pigott is a Shaman and End of Life trained Doula ready to guide you and your loved ones through the process with grace and peace. She offers support on all levels: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual through hospice, energy healing, and more. End of Life Services are beneficial for the dying, conscious or unconscious, as well as the family.

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Pass On with Grace and Peace

End of Life Services allow one to die peacefully, with grace, and how they choose. You get to choose a lot about your death experience and Dr. Pigott is trained to help guide you to the best and most peaceful death experience for you.

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The Benefits of End of Life Services

- Peaceful death experience

- Choose your death experience

- Allows one to die with dignity

- Lightens the load

- Brings a peaceful, smooth, and easy transition

- Helps families know their passed loved one has found peace

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