Top (from Left): Mike deCaussin; Dr. Theresa Pigott; Dr. Regina Roberts; Ryan Miller, LMT

Bottom (from Left): Susan deCaussin, CHt; Donna Pascaretta, BSN., RN., LMT

We specialize in treating:

- Chronic Pain

- Back, neck and joint issues

- Headaches

- Anxiety & Depression

- Breaking Bad Habits

- Fertility Issues

- Emotional Healing

- Relaxation & Rejuvenation

- Maintaining Wellness

- Rehabilitation

- and more!

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Our Skilled Practitioners Offer

a Variety of Healing Modalities

Click on the modalities below for Practitioner information.

Chiropractic is a gentle and precise adjustment given to improve alignment of the spine, allowing the nervous system to function free of interference.  It improves overall function, by emphasizing the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself, without the use of drugs or surgery.


Massage Therapy is a relaxing way to increase circulation and help strengthen the immune system.   It is also an effective way to help the body and mind deal with stress and promote optimal health.  

Neuro Emotional Technique (NETis a transforming technique that releases emotional "charges" from the cellular memory and allows optimal healing and health.  Physical pain, emotional trauma, sabotaging behaviors and negative beliefs can all be restored to health and wholeness using NET.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy is the art of utilizing a state of deep relaxation to illicit positive change and improvement in behaviors and physical conditions.  It is a highly effective process used to bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly with the subconscious mind. A skilled Hypnotherapist can help you change our negatives into positives, improve attitudes & habits, remove self-defeating thoughts, and take back control of your life.


Clinical Reflexology is a science that deals with pressure points on the hands & feet, which relate to every organ, gland and body part.  Appropriate stimulation of the pressure points can promote healing of nerves in the body and encourage increased blood flow to the affected area. The many benefits of Reflexology include: increased circulation; stress relief; reduced inflammation; assists in detoxification; improves nerve function; relieves pain; aids in digestive disorders; and, promotes overall well-being by balancing the systems within the body.  


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that is used to promote balance throughout the human system. Authentic Living Center has three Reiki Masters who are trained and experienced in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho method. 


Siwa Murti Healing is an ancient practice which originated in Bali, Indonesia. With this powerful healing modality, the Practitioner directs energy into the body to hyper-accelerate it's own natural healing abilities. Energetic blocks are located and eliminated, enabling the body to achieve balance and release infirmities. It assists in healing both physical and emotional conditions and can be experienced in person or remotely. Clients are fully clothed and these powerful sessions can be completed in a matter of minutes. Regular sessions can remove energetic blocks before problems even have a chance of surfacing.  There are only a handful of Siwa Murti Practitioners in the U.S. and Authentic Living Center has two!  Both received their training in Indonesia.


Shamanic (Energy) Healing focuses on clearing the energy field to restore balance and harmony in all aspects of life.  You will have a new direction and receive clear guidance on how to integrate and navigate through this different way of being.  New possibilities will be illuminated as you no longer identify with the trauma of the past. These shifts result in a life direction that is on the path to optimal wellness in body, mind, and spirit.  


Spiritual Guidance -  for those seeking answers to life's challenges. We all share similar struggles and roadblocks while we journey through life. These sessions provide valuable insight and direction to bring about comfort and clarity, allowing for a shift in the way you view your life experiences and the world around you.