Siwa Murti Healing

Siwa Murti is a powerful Balinese healing modality in which healing energy, channeled by the Practitioner, is directed into the client, to hyper-accelerate their body's own natural healing abilities. Treatments generally take less than 30 minutes to complete and can be done in person or remotely.

Susan deCaussin

Siwa Murti Certified

Level 4 

Office Hours

Monday - Friday* 10:00am - 6:00pm

Mike deCaussin

Siwa Murti Certified

Level 4 

* To accommodate busy clients, the hours listed above are flexible, and consultations are available

outside of regular office hours.

Free consultations are available

For info and scheduling, call Healing Methods LLC  at 248.759.6486

Susan and Mike deCaussin are the first Practitioners to introduce the art of Siwa Murti to the state of Michigan. After having been established as Reiki Master Healers for many years, they traveled to Bali, Indonesia, where they were trained and certified in this ancient, powerful healing modality. 

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During a session, clients are fully clothed, resting comfortably on a massage table. Using gentle pressure, on specific trigger points in the body, energetic blocks are identified and cleared. Univeral healing energy is chanelled into the client which assists the body in the natural healing process. People may experience a sense of warmth, coolness or tingling, as the energy is being transferred. 

Regular sessions can remove energetic blocks from the body before problems even have a chance of surfacing. Susan and Mike are experienced in providing sessions in-person and remotely, with the use of pictures and/or video conferencing tools.