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About Shamanic Energy Healing

We all have a luminous Energy Field (LEF) which is the essence or soul of our being.  It surrounds our physical body and holds an imprint of our physical, emotional and spiritual history.  These imprints held in our energy centers or Chakras are affected by issues never resolved, regrets and unrealized dreams.  They may be toxic and can be released with Energy Medicine techniques.


Combining these remarkable techniques results in astounding life transformations.  Self-growth and awareness are the stepping stones to having your life's dreams fulfilled, along with vibrant health.  You will also experience a deeper connection to self, others, including Mother Earth and God.


Techniques of Shamanic Energy Healing

Illumination - cleanses the seven energy centers (Chakras) and helps remove imprints in the LEF (luminous energy field).  This very relaxing process is the core of the energy medicine tools.

Extraction Work - removes any stagnant energy in the form of solid, crystallized, or fluid entities.  Things that are no longer helpful to you and have become an energy drain physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally are eliminated.

Cord Cutting - energetically removes an unwanted and unhealthy connection to a person who is alive or passed on and who has become a drain or energy vampire.

Soul Retrieval - is necessary when a part of us splinters off during the time of trauma or following a threat to our survival.  Integrating this piece allows for healing and wholeness.

Bands of Power - were handed down to me by my teachers.  I am honored to install these for you to provide safety and protection.

Shamanic Journey - is a process where you are guided to the upper, middle, or lower world to receive visions, which hold personal meaning and interpretation for yourself.  With the use of a drum or rattle, this helps you travel beyond this dimension to be guided and bring resolution to a situation or intention you bring to the journey.