Massage Therapy

Tonya Merrow, CMT/LMT

Myofascial Release

Massage Is Therapy

Massage can help with so many things:

Relieve pain from repetitive use

Deal with daily stress better

Sleep better

Function better, physically and mentally

Relieve anxiety, ease depression

Decrease muscle pain

Increase circulation to the whole body

Computer Users - Office Workers?

  Tight neck, rounded shoulders, fatigued back muscles?

Massage will help to open up your neck and rounded shoulder patterns to relieve repetitive stress issues.

Weekend Warrior?

Sore muscles will benefit from massage before and after strenuous activity.

Recent Accident?

Let massage help your body come back from recent trauma.  Trauma is a major stressor to all of the body's system.  Massage will help reset and restore those systems.

Acute or Chronic Pain?

Massage is instrumental in speeding up your healing process.   By relieving stress, you allow the entire body more energy to heal.  Massage will give you much needed pain relief.  If you are currently receiving treatment for chronic pain, why not add massage therapy to your healing and wellness protocol.  Massage works in conjunction with other therapies to increase your healing results.  Massage will help lessen your pain and its effects on the whole body. 

Myofascial Release is a technique that is the wave of the future in therapeutic bodywork with lasting results.  It cannot compare to massage or other modalities alone.  When Myofascial Release is applied it opens up your whole body to receive nutrition it has been starved of, flushing out old toxicity and allowing the structures below to move freely about the myofascial matrix. 

   I went to the Baltimore School of Massage and graduated in 2000.
   I am certified in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release.

   I was drawn to Myofascial Release work, so I have furthered my education in 
MFR-Myofascial Release with John F Barnes and with Advanced Myofascial Techniques with Til Luchau. 
   I am also certified in Chakra Energy Balancing, Aromatherapy and Reflexology
A little about myself: I was was born and raised in Northern Indiana. Michigan became my second home after my mother moved to Ann Arbor in1988. 

   I have travelled a lot through the years, living in many fun cities in the US, like New Orleans, Tucson, Arizona and Baltimore, Maryland.  I love to travel, hike, camp, garden, pretty much anything outside is good with me.  When I am not outside I am in the kitchen. New Orleans really put the love of food in my heart.  

   When moving to Baltimore, I found a Naturopathic Doctor who taught me the importance of healthy eating.  Finding ways to eat decadently in a healthy way has been my main focus in the kitchen ever since.