The Authentic Living Center is a premier holistic health center offering a variety of techniques, practices and disciplines to assist the body, mind and spirit in ultimate health.  We bring a new concept in healing which allows for true transformation, on a cellular level, from disease to better health.  

The center was founded in 2006 by Dr. Theresa Pigott, an holistic chiropractor, who specializes in emotional release techniques, while still addressing the structural, environmental and nutritional components.  Other modalities include Therapeutic Massage, Neuro Emotional Technique.  

Our philosophy at the Authentic Living Center is intended to serve, teach, and inspire one to live an Authentic Life.

Authentic Living

To live an authentic life is the highest achievement we can reach.  This means different things to different people. The common thread is that everyone attains the fulfillment of who they are supposed to be. This allows them to reach their highest potential and know peace and contentment.


It has been the dream of our practitioners to build a holistic healing center where; effective quality health care is the standard, finding the root cause is essential versus just treating symptoms, and having several options of services is so beneficial. 


The Authentic Living Center is a place of healing, spirituality and transformation.  

Come and experience the relaxed atmosphere and the energy of love and healing.  We are here to assist you on your healing journey.